Must-Have Reiki Accessories for Newbies and Professionals

A massage table isn’t enough for a Reiki practitioner. He/She should have the necessary Reiki accessories too. These items aid in making the patient feel relaxed and more importantly, allow the channeling of universal energy.

Below are some of the must-have Reiki accessories for a more efficient Reiki healing:

Earthlite Disposable Headrest Covers

Earthlite Disposable Headrest Covers (100 count)

Prior to a healing session, the Reiki practitioner must make sure that the patient feels at ease. This piece of accessory does exactly that. It gives both participants peace of mind because they are assured that the headrest is clean and that no one else used it before. This disposable cover is a very handy item for practitioners with numerous clients.

The reviews are wonderful too. Several professionals mentioned that they are very soft and thick, and thus very comfy. Some complained about the packaging, but it was certainly not a deal breaker.

Earthlite Basics Fleece Massage Table Warmer

Earthlite Basics Fleece Massage Table Warmer

Table warmers are used by some Reiki practitioners during cold months or when the healing session is carried out in locations where the temperature is normally low. Some feel that warmers interfere with their energy work while others use them out of necessity. Whatever floats your boat, this Reiki accessory is a table warmer and fleece pad on-one. As a safety feature, it has an auto overheat protection.

A lot of professionals stated in their reviews that their clients love it. The automatic cool down setting also allows for a worry-free session. The long cord is another plus for this product.

Reiki Repeating Interval Timer with Gong Sound and Reiki Symbol

Reiki Repeating Interval Timer with Gong Sound and Reiki Symbol

This timer is particularly helpful in managing a practitioner’s Reiki healing sessions. It also includes a digital recording of a gong which sounds surprisingly authentic. The timer is based on the perfect symmetries of the Kheops Pyramid of Gizah which is regarded as a source of potent energy and balance. It is powered by 4 AA batteries (already included in the package).

The reviews are great thus far. The tone is just right for both participants to remain focused and relaxed. The owners like the build quality as well as the sound quality.

Seven Chakras Crystal Healing Balancing and Meditation Kit Tumbled Stones

Seven Chakras Crystal Healing Balancing and Meditation Kit Tumbled Stones - Reiki Yoga

These are natural gemstones composed of 14 medium and large stones measuring 0.75 to 1.25 inches. As a bonus, the package adds another 7 small stones and a bag. In Reiki, these stones have the capacity to absorb energy and have cleansing as well as therapeutic effects.

Based on the reviews, the stones are beautiful. It’s just that they weren’t labeled clearly.

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