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3 Top of the Line Headphones for Running

Top of the Line Headphones for Running

Those who have an active lifestyle recognize that music is an integral part of their workout. There have been several scientific studies that proved this point. For instance, a New York Times article cited a study from the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University in 2009. The team found that the subjects who listened to music while riding a stationary bike altered their degree of effort by 10%. It increased or decreased by that much, depending on the tempo. A similar study from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2003 also found a 15% increase in the participants’ level of work due to music. Regardless of the results, it’s still hard to deny that a lot of people who exercise prefer to listen to music while doing their routines.

At the same time, many folks value sound quality too. After all, what good does your favorite song do if it sounds like a screeching tin can or a broken bass? More often than not, it will affect your mood as well as your performance. That’s why for individuals who work out regularly and likewise appreciate sound quality, there are top of the line running headphones for them.

While there are a plethora of headphones for running available in the market today, your choice should ultimately come down to the one with the best bang for your buck. In this article, we’ll look into three of them with good customer feedback and exceptional quality.

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones (with mic)

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones

This particular model comes with a mic. Bose claims that the audio is tonally balanced with crisp highs and deep lows, and that their very own StayHear tips conform securely and conveniently during intense workouts. It is also sweat and weather resistant. It’s compatible with most iOS and Android devices (3.5mm jack). All these features and more cost $149.95. With nearly 200 reviews, the consensus is that all the features of the Bose SIE2i work as advertised. It’s good for running even on extended hours and has clean sound. Even if they’re short, the cables don’t break easily. It’s expensive but worth the price.

Arriva Leo V2 Behind-the-Head Bluetooth Sports Earphone with Microphone

Arriva Leo V2 Behind-the-Head Bluetooth Sports Earphone with Microphone

This unit is Bluetooth-enabled as well as sweat and water resistant. You don’t have to worry about cables but will need to charge the battery every now and then. It is also lightweight at less than an ounce. For $70, does it live up to it’s claims? Customer feedback pretty much rated it as above average. Sound quality is better than many competing products. However, there were also some complaints about intermittent disconnections and convenience concerns.


Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones

Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones

The A8 is made of anodized aluminum and hard rubber. As a result, it delivers flexibility and durability. It also comes with a leather carrying case. At 0.8 ounces, it is as lightweight as the Arriva Leo V2. Although not positioned as a running headphone, it is sturdy enough to be used as one. As for the sound quality, it isn’t as good as the Bose SIE2i based on the reviews. Feedback is mixed on the “fit” department. At over $150, it looks good but isn’t for everyone.


Top 3 Running Headphones To Avoid

When looking for the best running headphones, there are definitely a lot to choose from. You’ll likely be overwhelmed with the plethora of brands available out there. Nevertheless, brands don’t necessarily determine the quality. No matter how reputable the company is, there are still some designs that it didn’t get right. In this article, we’ll look at the worst ones based on customer reviews. Then we’ll find out what alternatives are worth buying.

Sennheiser OMX 680 In-Ear Sports Earclip Headphone with Volume Control and Adjustable Earclips

Sennheiser OMX 680 In-Ear Sports Earclip Headphone with Volume Control and Adjustable Earclips

This running headphone claims to be sweat and water resistant and provides a secure fit when you’re working out. The reinforced cable based on DuPont Kevlar material is supposed to give you unmatched sound quality. But this product seems to have failed in the comfort and durability departments. Many customers have complained that it kept on falling off their ears. Moreover, some have claimed that it became painful after being worn for a few minutes due to its larger-than-normal size. The cables weren’t impressive as well. They said that the wires felt flimsy and didn’t last long enough. The price has been updated to $29.19 from $49.95, but you might be better off with a SoundSOUL U10 Sport which only costs $25.

Nike HJ030 Vapor Sport Bud Headphones

Nike HJ030 
Vapor Sport Bud Headphones

This headphone from Nike has an Ultra Lightweight design, adjustable earhook and a sweat-resistant earpiece. It’s aimed at athletes and audiophiles. However, many users have pointed out a design flaw in the hinge that connects the earbud and the earhook. The hinge eventually becomes loose as you move along with your physical activities. Even though the HJ030 has received good reviews about sound quality, it’s only sensible when the earbuds don’t constantly fall off. For $50, this product just isn’t worth the price. As an alternative, add $9 and you’ll get more than your money’s worth with the highly rated JVC HA-FX3X Xtreme Xplosives.

Arriva Sports Stereo Wired Headphones – Ipods / Mp3 Players and Phones

Arriva Sports Stereo Wired Headphones - Ipods / Mp3 Players and Phones

At $19.95, the Arriva Sports Stereo headphone prides itself in the one-size-fits-all department. It claims that no other headphone stays in place better. Whether you wear it under a helmet or with goggles, it fits snuggly on you regardless of your size. After all, it was designed and tested by the most demanding skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers. But Arriva seems to have fallen short of its assertions. Several customers have stated in their reviews that the earbuds weren’t any better and that they easily fell off the moment sweat came out of their ears. The sound quality was mediocre at best. You can get an MEElectronics M6 instead for $19.98. It comes in several colors and does stay in your ear.